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Car Parking at Cawcutts
If you do not want to use the parking area near the lake, please be aware that whilst we are still permitted to park in the Holiday Inn car park, you will incur a charge UNLESS you enter your vehicle registration number on the computer provided for this purpose at the Hotel Reception. This must be done each time you visit, and as soon as you have parked. It is also advisable to display a Club Badge in the vehicle.

Rule for Exning
The owners of the Exning Water require there to be at least two adults present at all times we are sailing.

Exning Water.
Following talks with John Mackender, Puffin M.B.C. it has been agreed that the C.M.B.C. members can use the water at Exning on any day and at any time; there is no restriction to the attendance time at the lake; this is effective from 1-8-2016. Parking is anywhere around the lake, and we are asked to take care not to cut up the grass. If members are questioned about their use of the lake they are to say they are members of the Puffin Model Boat Club. They welcome us to Exning to bolster up their numbers. Use of Cawcutt's Lake as permanent guests of C.M.B.C  was offered, but it was explained that they only have four elderly  members and it was unlikely that they would travel to Cawcutts Lake.
The owner of the lake is elderly and very ill, and our permission to use the Lake was given by his site manager; however, there is a nephew who may take over the estate on the death of the current owner, and this may present problems for us in the future.
The Exning Water is available to all C.M.B.C. members who wish to use it, but Cawcut's Lake will still be our main meeting place. This is a situation that can be reviewed at any time and altered if necessary. For those who want to use Exning the suggestion is to set an initial time of 9-30am Sundays, as a start, but which can be varied as convenient by those who go there.
To get to the  Exning Water from the A14 take the A142 turn off to Ely, turn left at the first roundabout, as you drive along the road Turners Transport is on your right, carry on round a sharp LH turn, then about 400yds on the right is a gate that is set back off the road; you will not see the gate until you are directly opposite it. Drive slowly up to the gate and it will open, and then  close automatically. The lake is about 200yards,on your right.
It has taken a while to get to this position, and our thanks go to John Parsons for the time and effort he has given in searching out answers to some difficult problems.

Cawcutts Lake - Latest News
After what seemed to be a promising relationship with Emryo, things have deteriorated. On Sunday 8th May 2016 we were told that in future we could only use the lake between 4 pm and 6 pm.  After further discussions with Embryo, the current situation is that we can use the lake from 10 am. Please do not arrive at the lake before 9:45 am, and no boats on the water before 10am. However, this may change again in the future, so ensure you keep up to date via email or the web site.
In order to try to avoid further encroachment on our use of the lake, the Committee have introduced some new rules.

New Rules for Cawcutts Lake
1. No boats to be put on the water before 10 am. Please do not arrive at the lake before 09:45 am.
2 Before starting to sail familiarise yourself with the location of any fishermen, and ensure you give their equipment a wide berth. In particular if they are casting into the lake, avoid crossing the line of cast.
3. Temporarily, High Speed and Fast boats to be throttled back, and kept to areas of the lake away from fishermen. FAST ELECTRIC BOATS are not permitted.

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